Who are we?

CBD Examine shows consumers what’s inside their CBD products.

Our independent lab reports empower consumers with the cannabinoid levels, accuracy, honesty, and value of their CBD products. We believe this information is critical for people in search of cannabinoid relief.

We test CBD products for cannabinoid levels to show you what you’re paying for and how much you’re paying for it. We also scour the internet to let you know what’s good or bad about the company. We post everything we find, good or bad, including the official test results from a lab that we pay directly.

We are a CBD consumer advocacy group.

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Why we exist

Research is coming to light showing the profound impacts that CBD and other cannabinoids may have on our overall health. But there is a dark secret about the CBD industry. The majority of products on the market are mislabeled and many are entirely fake, according to research published by JAMA and the FDA.

We tested some of the most popular CBD products and found that most were not accurate. Many of the products we purchased claimed to have precise testing and even provided lab test results, which were not accurate. Some products also had popular CBD review websites that further echoed these false claims and gave these products stellar reviews.

With a sea of misleading information, we had to publish the truth. It shouldn’t be this hard for people in need of help to find good CBD products and avoid the bad ones.

Our pledge to you

We’re dedicated to providing you, the CBD consumer, with the facts.

Whether you’re looking for information about CBD products, the science behind CBD and other cannabinoids, or the latest news about the industry, you’ll find it here at CBD Examine, and we’ll tell it to you straight. You won’t find sugar-coated marketing here. Our reviews are un-biased and our content is research-backed and cited.

Our Founder

CBD Examine was started by Jeremy Orozco in Santa Cruz, California.

Jeremy Orozco, Chief Editor

Jeremy is a former firefighter turned health writer. He is a co-founder of migrainekey.com, where he pioneered CBD and migraine research. His latest book, Hemp for Migraine , was the largest collection of peer-reviewed research relating to CBD, cannabinoids, and migraine relief.

Many of his readers described Hemp for Migraine as “life-changing.” Others had a question for Jeremy, “Which CBD brand should I use?” He didn’t have a response. How could anyone recommend a CBD product in good faith without being certain of what’s inside?

He sent a few products to an independent lab and was shocked by the results. The cannabinoid levels of most CBD products are not accurate. Thousands of people in pain are paying for CBD relief and receiving a mystery dose of deception. It’s time to change that.

Jeremy went on to create the largest record of independently lab-tested CBD products. He shares the results because you deserve to know what’s in your CBD.

Where we test

SC Laboratories

We test all the CBD products that we review at SC Laboratories in Santa Cruz, California. We chose SC Labs because they use high-performance liquid chromatography to obtain the most reliable levels of cannabinoids. SC Labs is ISO 17025 accredited, which is the international gold standard for testing laboratories.

We pay SC Labs directly for their services and they are independent of the companies that we review. We are the only CBD review website to publish cannabinoid levels of every product that we review.