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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity Award4 Corners Cannabis CBD Review, Oral Tincture (100 mg)
  • Hemp Extract Oil, Full Spectrum
  • Accuracy Rating: B
  • Value Score: Pricey

About 4Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis is a small company located in Bayfield, Colorado. They launched in 2013 and have 5 acres of hemp and a 4,000 square-foot lab. They also own cannabuddies.com.

The good:

  • B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Update (1/2020): upgraded to A- BBB score. Looks like they take care of customers.
  • 4 Corners Cannabis’ Oral Tincture tested for more cannabinoids than claimed by their front label, and they were within 13.1% accuracy. Their CBD claims were within 5.6% accuracy. The product also contained a wide range of cannabinoids.

The bad:

  • Their serving size is listed as “3 drops per 10 lbs. of body weight.” This dosing info may confuse the average person looking for quick relief without the additional math. Many CBD products list a serving size in mL and provide a dropper that matches that serving size, which is easier to understand and dose. Bodyweight is also not the best indicator of a CBD serving size for numerous reasons.
  • Their name is 4 Corners Cannabis, which many retailers and consumers may not like. Hemp companies typically stay away from the terms “cannabis” or “marijuana” to avoid stigmas.

The internet:

  • An extensive internet search for 4 Corners Cannabis found no reports of inconsistency, toxins, pesticides, metals, fake products, or unethical business practices.

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4 Corners Cannabis offers CBD tinctures, salves, honey, and pet products.