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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardGreen Gorilla CBD Review, Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200 mg, Hemp & Olive
  • Hemp Extract Oil, Full Spectrum
  • Accuracy Rating: F
  • Value Score: Fair deal

About Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla operates out of Malibu, California and was established in 2013. They have over 50 CBD products.

The good:

The bad:

  • Green Gorilla has a misleading label. They should state how many cannabinoids are in their product, including CBD and THC levels. People may confuse the term "hemp extract" with cannabinoids or CBD milligrams. There is no reason a CBD product should have 1200 mg of the front and only contain 300 mg of CBD. The serving size does add up to 300 mg and makes this product technically accurate. However, the CBD is listed as "active CBD (25%)", which may further confuse consumers. This product needs more transparent labeling before we could recommend it.
  • The product we tested is listed as full-spectrum, which suggests that it contains THC and other cannabinoids. However, lab A found only trace amounts of these cannabinoids and lab B found that they were below the level of detection. This is not a full-spectrum extract that is rich in other cannabinoids, according to the lab results.
  • The spray function of the bottle we tested may give inconsistent doses. We found it to fill with air, and it's challenging to know the quantity administered. A standard 1 mL dropper would make it easier to understand your dose.

The internet:

  • An extensive internet search for Green Gorilla found no reports of inconsistency, toxins, pesticides, metals, fake products, or unethical business practices.

Other Products by Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla offers CBD oils, gummies, topicals, pet products, horse products, and pure CBD.