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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardJoy Organics CBD Review, CBD Oil Tinctures 250 mg (Tranquil Mint)
  • Hemp Extract Oil, CBD Only
  • Accuracy Rating: A
  • Value Score: Good deal

About Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a Colorado-based CBD company with several brick-and-mortar stores. Joy Smith founded the company in 2018. According to a Forbes article, Joy went from being a Christian minister to CBD evangelist. The company aims to produce CBD products that are pharmaceutical grade, THC-free, and that include “radical transparency via stringent third-party testing.”

The Good

  • Joy Organics has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Joy Organics' response to the adverse reports below suggests that they are honest and a good company. The owner, Todd Smith, responded to dispute my findings below. He seems like a genuinely good person who cares about his product and customers.

The Bad

  • Our lab results found that their "THC-free" product contained trace amounts of THC. However, the levels of THC were so low that many labs would consider it below the level of detection or not detected (ND). (updated: 4/23/20)
  • Joy Organics tested positive for pesticides, according to an independent report, which found that their Bliss 500 mg contained Imazalil. Imazalil is likely to be carcinogenic in humans, but is used every day as a fungicide on oranges. However, Joy Organics responded quickly, "In response, we sent products from the same batch to two other ISO certified third-party labs; one lab's test came back positive for Imazalil while the other came back as ND (Non-Detectable). The amount of Imazalil found in our product was 87 parts per billion (PPB)." They initiated an immediate recall as a precaution, even though 87 parts per billion is virtually nothing. Also, the owner reached out to me and said they did further testing and concluded that the original lab test had an error. Based on their actions and transparency, I think it's likely that Joy Organics is honest and telling the truth. (updated: 4/23/20)

Updated 4/23/20:

The owner of Joy Organics, Todd Smith, responded in the comments section of my youtube review (above). He believes that the trace amounts of THC that I reported above are inaccurate and the result of a lab error (from residual THC from unclean lab equipment). I only purchased one product last year and sent the entire bottle to a reputable lab. I don't have another test sample from the same time-period to confirm or deny his claims. We have since updated our review process to include two lab tests. However, the levels of THC were reported as 0.10 mg/ml, which are below the "Limit of Detection" for many labs. In other words, many other reputable labs would consider this product THC free or "None Detected." For consumer context, these levels per dose are so low that they would not have a physiological effect. Todd also noted that Joy Organics spends upwards of $200,000 on testing per year to make sure their products are accurate. He offered to bet me $50,000 that his product is honest and accurate.I've included our conversation below for transparency. He seems like a nice and honest guy.

Update 5/14/2020:

I've removed my Youtube video that was part of this review because the updates above significantly changed my opinion of this brand. Specifically, I mentioned an independent finding of Imazalil, but I wasn't aware that Joy Organics responded to those allegations with transparent testing. My goal on this site is to be transparent as possible for you, the consumer, but also to give CBD companies a fair shakedown. This decision was independent and at the time of this writing, I have no affiliation with any CBD company.

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