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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardKat's Naturals CBD Review, Balance 15 mL 750 mg CBD
  • Hemp Extract Oil, Full Spectrum
  • Accuracy Rating: D
  • Value Score: Pricey

About Kat's Naturals

Kat’s Naturals is a small CBD company that was founded in 2017 and does over $8 million in annual revenue. They operate out of Dunlap, Tennessee and have 43 employees. Their products can be found in hundreds of retail locations across the country.

The good:

  • The bottle of Kat’s Naturals that we tested is a full-spectrum hemp extract with many cannabinoids. They claim 375 mg of CBD and they have 241.575 mg of CBD and 154.365 mg of CBDa, which totals over 395 mg. However, CBDa and CBD are different cannabinoids with different effects. While we found this product to have lower levels of CBD than claimed, many people would prefer this product because CBDa and other cannabinoids are sought after and more expensive to produce.
  • Kat’s Naturals has an excellent rating on trustpilot.com with a loyal following of customers who love their products.
  • Kat Merryfield and her husband are military veterans with a personal relationship with CBD. They give back to various organizations, including Atlanta organization Operation Rally Point, which assists veterans with their transition back to civilian life.
  • They are recognized and recommended by several business owners in their community.

The bad:

  • We evaluated the 0.5 oz. bottle of the Balance 750 mg CBD per ounce product. This will confuse people. It would make more sense to list 375 mg on the box and bottle. The box lists 750 mg on it. The bottle lists 750 mg of CBD per ounce. Many consumers will see the 750 mg and believe that they are purchasing 750 mg of CBD when they are buying a 0.5 oz. bottle (375 mg of CBD).
  • The Balance 750 mg CBD that we tested claimed 375 mg of CBD. Our lab test found under 242 mg of CBD. However, it also contained high quantities of CBDa and other cannabinoids that are more expensive to produce.
  • Kat’s Naturals doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau rating. However, they have zero complaints and are well respected by other business review websites.

The internet:

  • An extensive internet search for Kat’s Naturals found no reports of inconsistency, toxins, pesticides, metals, fake products, or unethical business practices.

Other Products by Kat’s Naturals

Kat’s Naturals offers CBD oil, full-spectrum oil, topicals, skincare, chocolates, and pet products.