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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardSunday Scaries CBD Review, CBD Tincture 500 mg
  • Hemp Extract Oil, CBD Only
  • Accuracy Rating: A
  • Value Score: Good deal

About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. They have 11 plus employees, according to their LinkedIn profile.

The good:

  • Their marketing is fun. It’s hard to believe that NBC allowed a CBD company to promote this (below). The card below came in the box with our purchase and it hints at a company of rule breakers.

The bad:

  • Sunday Scaries claimed their “Tincture For Chilling” is “full spectrum,” which suggest that it contains CBD, THC, and many other cannabinoids. In a conflicting claim, they also state that their product is THC free. Our lab tests only found CBD and CBDV. The product is not “full spectrum.” This product is best described as a CBD oil.
  • Sunday Scaries emailed us their own lab results that claimed this product has CBG and CBN. Our lab results found no detectable levels of CBG or CBN.
  • Sunday Scaries was “founded for one reason only: to help you chill the f*ck out so you can enjoy your life,” according to the owners. This fun branding will be a plus for many people. However, some consumers may want a CBD company that is a little more professional, serious, and boring.
  • The term “Sunday scaries” describes a mix of anxiety and depression that comes from the anticipation of Monday. It’s a real thing. According to an extensive survey, 76% of Americans suffer from anxiety on Sunday. Suggesting that CBD could help with any form of anxiety is a problem. The FDA strictly prohibits any CBD product from suggesting or promoting medical claims. The example below from Sunday Scaries' website would be considered a violation by the FDA. Violating FDA regulations may lead to stricter CBD regulation for the entire industry.

The internet:

  • An extensive internet search for Sunday Scaries found no reports of inconsistency, toxins, pesticides, metals, fake products, or unethical business practices.

Other Products by Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries offers CBD gummies, vegan gummies, oil, candy, and energy shots.