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Holladay, UTAH

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Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardTommy Chong's Good Vibes Review
  • Pure CBD Oil, CBD Only
  • Accuracy Rating: B
  • Value Score: Pricey
Image of an award ribbon for products that have been awarded the CBD Examine Authenticity AwardTommy Chong's Nice Dreams Review
  • Pure CBD Oil, CBD Only
  • Accuracy Rating: C
  • Value Score: Pricey

About Tommy Chong's CBD

About Tommy Chong’s CBD

Tommy Chong’s CBD was founded in 2020 in Holladay, Utah. It’s the sister company to Tommy Chong’s Cannabis, which the legendary actor and cannabis advocate launched in 2016.

The good

  • Tommy Chong has fought for cannabis rights since the 1970s. Cheech and Chong movies moved cannabis into the mainstream media and away from the propaganda known as “reefer madness.” CBD might not be legal today if it were not for Tommy Chong’s comedy and his push for cannabis awareness.  
  • Tommy Chong claims that his nano CBD is 8 times more potent (or absorbs 8 times better) than regular CBD. Current research suggests that Nano CBD absorbs better than traditional CBD oil because the particles are smaller. However, there is not enough peer-reviewed research to confirm that nano CBD, including Tommy Chong’s CBD, has 8 times the absorption rate of regular CBD.

The bad

  • Our independent lab tests on two Tommy Chong products found 10 percent to 24 percent less CBD than advertised. The cost was 68 to 79 cents per milligram of CBD, which is extraordinarily high. The average price of traditional CBD is 10 cents per milligram and I've tested CBD products as low as 1 cent per milligram. The increased absorption of all nano CBD products may not be worth their high cost.
  • Both Tommy Chong products that CBD Examine tested were marketed as “full spectrum,” which should contain THC and other cannabinoids. The labs found no THC and no meaningful levels of additional cannabinoids.
  • Many Nano CBD products have exaggerated claims and have been found to contain inaccurate amounts of CBD. I would also caution that many nano CBD products are emulsified with lipids. Fats are a form of lipids that drastically increase the absorption rate of CBD. For example, studies have found that healthy fats can 3x to 14x the absorption rate of CBD. The absorption rates also vary from person to person, based on things like fats, fasting, or metabolism. The fact that lipids can improve nano CBD absorption and individual factors makes it easy to manipulate CBD research. These concerns are for all nano CBD products and not specifically for Tommy Chong’s CBD.
  • There are a couple of studies that show nano CBD has over 4 times the peak absorption of oral CBD or even sublingual CBD. However, nano CBD only has about double the total absorption rate of regular CBD in those particular studies. This spike is because nano CBD generally peaks higher but also comes back down faster than regular CBD. Other nano CBD studies have found more modest absorption rate increases of 21% to 34%, compared to traditional CBD. However, researchers question the stability, safety, and cost of those formulas.
  • More research is needed to prove that nano CBD is effective and worth the cost. There are also some drawbacks to nano CBD, such as instability and low uptake by cells. Nano CBD may be superior to regular CBD, but we don’t have enough research to confirm it.
  • The taste of Tommy Chong’s nano CBD lines are unique, to say the least. I haven’t found any good reviews of the flavor.
  • Tommy Chong has made unproven medical claims about the cannabis plant and his health in the past. There’s nothing wrong with a comedian and cannabis activist sharing his belief. However, mixing health conditions and product marketing with terms like “cannabis is a miracle,” “helped me recover from [medical condition] not once, but twice,” and “I fought for cannabis for 40 years. Then it saved my life,” could give vulnerable people unreal expectations of his products.
  • Some of Tommy Chong’s nano CBD marketing could mislead people, in my opinion. The long format mentioning medical conditions to feeling “amazing” with “energy surges,” with the questionable Facebook review screenshots, the award-winning doctor nobody has heard of, and the notion that you don’t want to take another drop of CBD from other brands or it may damage your liver. CBD has been found safe with up to 1500 mg per day and the dose required for liver damage in animal studies are excessive. Tommy Chong now offers regular CBD without the liver damage warning previously used to market his nano CBD. While terrible companies use this type of marketing, it does seem like Tommy Chong is an authentic person who wants to share his story and help people.

The internet:

  • Chong’s Choice CBD, Tommy Chong’s previous CBD line, was produced by Diamond CBD. Several products from Diamond CBD were found to contain dangerous synthetic compounds in 2018. I tested a Diamond CBD product in 2019 and it was real, although expensive. However, Chong's CBD line was never found to contain dangerous chemicals and it looks like he now uses a different company for manufacturing. While the association with Diamond isn't good, I think that Chong did the right thing by ending the partnership. I try my best to give you all the information to make your own decision, good or bad.
  • Tommy Chong’s CBD has a 2.86/5 customer review rating on the Better Business Bureau and an A- rating.
  • An extensive internet search for Tommy Chong’s CBD found no reports of inconsistency, toxins, pesticides, metals, or fake products.