Pet Releaf Review (Elixinol) Soft Chew Edibites Large Breed 150mg

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  • Accuracy Rating
  • CBD Value Score
  • Size
    7.5 oz (216 g)
  • Flavor
    Peanut Butter & Carob Swirl
  • Hemp Type
    CBD Only
  • Has THC?
    No THC
  • Test Date
    May 2020
  • Video Review

What's in your CBD?

We purchased this CBD product and tested it at independent testing facilities to measure levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids and compare the results to the manufacturer's claims. Here are the results. (Learn more about our review process.)

Test Results

Label Claims

Total mg CBD

150 mg

Our Lab Tests

From Lab A
Difference from label

2.51% less

Accuracy Rating
From Lab B
Difference from label

3.52% less

Accuracy Rating

* Products tested prior to 2020 were sent to only one independent testing facility.

The unadulterated test results on this page come directly from these certificates of analysis from two independent labs, which we pay directly. These are two independent lab tests of one product, at one point in time. We do not guarantee that all products or labs will produce the same results. Lab results may differ based on the different methodologies of testing used by each lab or inconsistencies in the product. Added ingredients may affect lab results. Volume of creams and edibles may change due to factors such as temperature, and this may impact lab results. Learn more about our review process.

Cannabinoid Breakdown

From Lab A
Total Cannabinoids
Total CBD
Total THC
From Lab B
Total Cannabinoids
Total CBD
Total THC

Cannabinoid Breakdown by gram

From Lab A

CBD (mg / gram)

THC (mg / gram)

Other Cannabinoids (mg / gram)

From Lab B

CBD (mg / gram)

THC (mg / gram)

Other Cannabinoids (mg / gram)

Elixinol (Pet Releaf) claims to have 5 mg of CBD per 1 chew serving. They don't state the weight of each chew, so we've calculated each chew to be about 7.2g (216g total in the package divided by 30 chews per package). Based on our lab results, which measured in grams, we found that each 1 chew serving contains a total of 4.8 mg of cannabinoids, including 4.8 mg of CBD and 0 mg of THC.

*It’s common to see oral CBD products with doses for pets at 1 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, to over 25 mg. We recommend speaking with a veterinarian or following manufacturer directions. CBD dosing is highly individualized in humans and our pets share the same unique endocannabinoid system. The type of CBD product, the kind of pet, size of pet, conditions, the severity of conditions, and individual tolerances will dramatically change your pet's ideal CBD dose.

Value Score

Price of Product
Cost per mg CBD*
Value Score


* Cost per mg calculated from Lab A's test results.

The average full-spectrum extract for humans costs 10 cents per milligram of CBD, and the average CBD only extract for humans costs 7.5 cents per milligram of CBD. This product is not full spectrum, it's CBD only, so coming in at 19.1 cents per milligram of CBD puts it in the pricey range.

Product Information

Details from the manufacturer
  • Net Wt: 7.5 oz (216 g)
  • "3000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract including 150 mg Active CBD"
  • 5 mg of "Active CBD" per chew
  • Large Breed (30 Edibites/bag)
  • Flavor: Peanut Butter & Carob Swirl
  • Full-spectrum
  • THC: Yes
  • Other cannabinoids: Yes

Instructions from product website: For dogs — Each Large Breed Soft Chew Edibite contains 5mg of active CBD

Dog Weight Number of Edibites
25 – 50 lb 1, up to 2, or as needed
51 – 75 lb 2, up to 3, or as needed
75 – 100 lb 3, up to 4, or as needed
101 – 150 lb 4, up to 5, or as needed

Active Ingredients: Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Including Naturally-Occurring Cannabidiol (CBD); Inactive Ingredients: Organic stone milled pea flour, organic coconut oil, carob, organic peanut butter powder, organic apple powder, honey, sunflower lecithin, vitamin E mixed tocopherols (preservative), cultured dextrose.

About the product

Elixinol (Pet Releaf) claims this is a full spectrum product. Our lab tests showed that it is not a full spectrum product, which we would expect to have a range of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Lab A found CBD and trace amounts of THC and CBDa, while Lab B found only CBD. This product is just CBD, not full spectrum.

The package we received also stated "3000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract including 150 mg Active CBD," which is a confusing statement. 3000 mg of what? The company has since removed the "3000 mg" claim from their packaging, but this product is still marked as "full spectrum."

However, the product's CBD claims are very accurate. The independent labs found that this product contained just 2.5% to 3.5% less CBD than suggested by their label. We usually like to see a little bit more, not a little bit less, but this is still pretty darn close to the amount of CBD that they claimed.

Jeremy's Take

I've tested a few of Elixinol's human products and they've done reasonably well as far as lab testing goes. I can't say the same for their Pet Releaf line.

It says 3000 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract on the front. Why? It only has 150 mg of CBD. It did test well for CBD, an "A" score, but we found nearly no other cannabinoids. This is just CBD and not a full-spectrum product. The "3000 mg" on the front is misleading. (update: they removed 3000 mg from the label, but it still says full-spectrum).

Nope. Nope. Nope. The lab results show this is a Nope. It's almost 20 cents per milligram. It's expensive. However, I can't get past the label, which the lab results did not agree with.

Update: It looks like Elixinol no longer links to Pet Releaf. Elixinol is a partial owner of Pet Releaf, but it seems like they've distanced themselves from this company.

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