Select CBD Review (now Social CBD), CBD Drops 1000 mg


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Accuracy Rating A
CBD Value Score Best value
Size 1 fl oz (30 mL)
Hemp Type CBD only

What's in your CBD?

Test Results

We sent this product to an independent lab to see what’s inside.

From the label

Total mg listed


From our test results

Total mg cannabinoids



Accuracy Rating


This product claims 1000 mg of CBD. Our test results found 957.120 mg of CBD, 4.3% less than what is listed on the product’s label.

See how this product compares to other CBD products we have tested here.


Cannabinoid breakdown per bottle

CBD (mg / bottle)


THC (mg / bottle)


Other cannabinoids (mg / bottle)


The unadulterated test results on this page come directly from the certificate of analysis (linked above) from an independent lab, which we pay directly. This is a single independent lab test of one product, at one point in time. We do not guarantee that all products or labs will produce the same results. Lab results may differ based on the different methodologies of testing used by each lab or inconsistencies in the product. Learn more about our review process here.


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Product Information

Details from the manufacturer

  • 1 oz (30 mL)
  • 1000 mg CBD
  • 33.3 mg CBD per 1 mL serving (30 servings)
  • Flavor: Peppermint
  • CBD Drops [suggests CBD and no other cannabinoids]
  • THC: Not specified
  • Other cannabinoids: Not specified


Ingredients: Hemp-derived CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), peppermint essential oil, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and stevia.

About the product

Select CBD claims this is a CBD oil and does not mention THC or other cannabinoids. Our lab tests confirmed that this is a CBD oil and contains no THC or other cannabinoids.

We found that Select CBD contained 4.3% fewer mg of CBD than suggested by their label.

You can take this product sublingually or mix with a food or drink.

Cannabinoid breakdown per mL

CBD (mg / mL)


THC (mg / mL)


Other cannabinoids (mg / mL)

Select CBD claims to have 33.3 mg of CBD per 1 mL serving. We found that each 1 mL serving contains a total of 31.904 mg of cannabinoids, including 31.904 mg of CBD and 0 mg of THC.

About the company

Select CBD is a brand by Cura Cannabis Solutions. Cura is estimated to have over 500 employees who generate over $100 million in annual revenue. They were founded in Portland, Oregon in 2015. Update: Select CBD and Cura were purchased for nearly $1 billion in 2019 by Curaleaf Holdings, a publicly-traded company worth over $4.5 billion and now the largest cannabis company worldwide.

The good:

  • The Select CBD product that we tested was within 4.3% of the CBD level they claimed. Compare it to our other product reviews and you’ll find that Select CBD is a top-tier company.
  • Select CBD was ranked as the #1 company to work for in Oregon by Inc. Magazine. They also ranked 45 out of 5000 companies nationwide. Select CBD is the only cannabis company to make it into the top 50 companies by Inc. magazine. Happy employees make happy CBD customers.
  • They won the 2017 Best Concentrate Company Award by Dope Magazine and became the most widely purchased CBD in California for its category.
  • The’ve achieved an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau. Despite eight years of business, Select’s new owner, Curaleaf, is not rated by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Select has an excellent rating on, a website that builds trust in businesses through user reviews.
  • One of the few products found to contain the CBD levels it advertised in a 2017 study was Select CBD. They claim their results are accurate because they use an ISO-rated lab for all products.
  • Montel endorses Select CBD.

The bad:

  • From Select CBD’s original owner, Cura Cannabis, to the near billion-dollar acquisition by Curaleaf Holdings, the founders have been in trouble. Allegations range from rape and wire fraud to a real-estate scandal that lost people’s retirement money. One of the founder is currently serving a 3-year prison sentence but will be a rich man when he gets out. The Oregonian lays out the troubling details of Select CBD’s past in this article.
  • A great grandmother was arrested in Disney World for having a Select CBD product that tested positive for THC. She was jailed in Florida in May of 2019 for felony charges of possession of hash. In defense of Select CBD, field tests are not accurate. Pure CBD products can falsely test positive as THC in these cheap field test kits used by law enforcement, according to news and lab reports. Also, what kind of monster arrests at grandmother at Disney World for having a federally legal CBD product?
  • The FDA issued Curaleaf a warning letter for making false medical claims about CBD. Curaleaf investors are suing their own company and CVS is removing Curaleaf products from their shelves.

Other Products by Select CBD

Select CBD offers CBD drops, vape pens, capsules, topicals, and pet products.


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